Campus Life and University Experience


Being a campus student has never been easy as many people think is just a walk in the always takes one effort and hardwork to come out with a degree. There are many things students pass through until they have adopted a certain lifestyle.

Being a student ,am going to share what we always go through the week and how we make out during the weekends. Many campus students have almost the same lifestyle .

Here are some of the things many students do mainly to survive the "Harsh life".

1. choosing comfort.

With no doubt ,many students have the norm of "kupiga luku" yet they are always broke. The few penny they may get from their keen all goes to buying designer clothes and shoes in the name of being in fashion .fashion is one of the comfort students under go by spending heavily .

2. Meal taking.

The one common and important thing to note when joining any campus is to identify those places known as kibandaski,kwamathe and those all local food palours because it's there where you will spend less and get enough food mainly Chapo beans taken by many students .the most expensive food being ugali omena going for sh50.

3. Campus relationship.

This is one thing that I may say mainly affects students life academically. Having a lifetime Patner is something good but at the right time I don't see the need involving in relationship while in school as many university students do therefore affecting their studies .

4. Going out and Entertainment.

Towns around universities have many clubs ,bars and sports grills where students go "kutoa stress" as they always say after a long tiresome week involving lectures. This is where you'll find university slayqueens on Fridays evening. Another part of entertainment for students is involving in field games ,skating and playing FIFA .

5. Lectures.

Students are the ones who choose the lectures they'll attend that day depending with their mood and the previous encounter with the lecturer. Those not attending always send those attending to record or write them notes to read and follow after..