"Who Booked First?" Reactions After UDA And Jubilee Rallies Were Cancelled In Kiambaa Over Same Venu


Police Officers in Kiambaa have been forced to intervene on the planned jubilee and UDA rallies in Kiambaa. The two parties each commanding a support base in Kiambaa had booked for venues to hold their rallies as per the permits from the security.

However,things have overturned after both rallies were cancelled on the basis that they were assigned the same venue. According to the county commander, Ali Nuno they cancelled both rallies to prevent confrontations that could have occurred between the two parties.This came after recent confrontation of UDA supporters and Jubilee party supporters with claims that Dp Ruto's UDA party overwhelmed jubilee and "swallowed" them up when they clashed in a campaign rally.

The two parties seeks to launch the last and most impacting campaigns as the mini polls draws nearer hence prompting the planners to be on a rush. Kenyans likely to be from the region have reacted over the matter questioning how two permits could be issued for the same venue. Here are some of the Reactions.

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