Why KDF Has Some Of The Most Formidable Ranger Forces In Africa And In The World


FN SCAR is manufactured in Columbia, southern Carolina in the US at FN LLC manufacturing plant. It comes in two variants which are: FN SCAR-L (light) and FN SCAR-H (heavy). The specifications featured in this weapon variants are basically the same, only that the heavy variant is more powerful and fires 7.62 x 51 mm ammunition held 20 rounds in each single magazine. The light variant fires 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition; both classified as NATO. 

Both of this variants are the most highly reliable in war considering all matters assault rifles. They can be widely customed to fit a range of purposes like mounting a grunade launcher beneath its barrel and fitting laser points and intersection aiming lens on top. A silencer can be mounted too. This weapon can fire accurately upto slightly more than 900 metres at very fast rate of about 1000 bullets per minute. It's piston is gas operated. 

Weapon was built for wide range use hence modularity. This means that it performs well as a forward assault rifled and also as a short range sniper rifle. It was built for US navy seals and US command. It was late opened for exports and sales to law enforcement agencies. It is the number one assault rifle in the world and is it king of them all. As such, it is very expensive. 

In Africa, it is uniquely equipped to special operations squads within the Kenya Defense Forces and the police. However in recent times in Kenya it can be noted that the KDF is receiving more of FN SCAR rifles as the cumbersome G3s are being phased out. The police are being equipped with the CZ SCORPION airsoft rifle while phasing out the G3 and AK47 guns. 

The KDF is getting more involved in peace keeping missions under the UN and AU in countries like Somalia and now the Democratic Republic of Congo. Arming the KDF with this gun and training them in different countries is one of the reasons why the KDF rangers are among the best formidable forces in the world. 

Do you think the KDF are really formidable? Let me know. 

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