Uthando Nes'thembu: Here's What MaYeni Did That Involves MaNgwabe, That Got People Talking

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The season keeps getting better and better, people are enjoying how it has turned out. As we all know Mpumelelo Mseleku has a baby mama, he is a supportive father to his child. Paying for damages is a norm, especially when it comes to a boy that impregnated a girl.

Some families even take it far as telling the boy, he will only be able to see his baby after paying for the damages. Mseleku decided to talk to MaYeni about paying for his son's damages, MaYeni straight up disagreed. She probably disagreed because she wants Mpumelelo to stand up for himself.

Mpumelelo has a baby mama and girlfriend, he apparently wants to follow his father's foot prints. His baby mama shared her views about polygamy but it looks like the boy really wants wives not a wife.

Mseleku wanted another wife from the Khumalo family because he allegedly wants to have Khumalo babies since Makhumalo can not allegedly have babies. Despite Musa admitting that he has already found a Khumalo lady, he still also admitted that he has girlfriends. That really confused people because he already has wives and children.

On the next episode, the family trip everyone has been waiting for is finally here. It looks like everyone is excited for this one, except a few people. MaCele will be confronting Musa about MaNgwabe, she is hoping he does something about that.

Musa is a little confused on this one, he does not want to pick any side. It looks like the situation might include the children, which apparently makes it even more complicated. What do you think about MaNgwabe and MaYeni's relationship, is it getting worse or better?

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