Bad news from the camp of Juventus and Manchester United


Woodward has resigned as Manchester United executive vice-chairman and will leave at the end of 2021. His resignation comes after Manchester United were heavily criticised by their own supporters for agreeing to join a breakaway from European Super League.

The news comes amid confusion around the planned European Super League in which United are set to take part. We hope and pray things goes on well as this unplanned resignation will not have any adverse effect on his career.

In other news, Juventus President, Adnelli Andrea has also resigned following backlash due to the creation of the super league.

Super league was announced and confirmed in April 2021. This requires a creation of a super league which requires Europe's most elite clubs in a move to change football to a different dimension as we earlier know.

Now, following teams have been joined to the super league as founder members; AC Milan, Athletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid but will remain in their national leagues.

What is your take on this new face of football?