#EndSARS: 5 Kinds of people you will find during the protest.

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The #endsars protest which is going on in the different parts of the country, is steadily gathering momentum. Certainly, this is the first time, the nation has withessed a protest of this nature. The close bond shared between there protesters regardless of ethnicity, religion or culture has never been seen in the history of Nigeria. Be its Igbos,Yorubas, Efik, Ijaws, everyone is out to achieve the same goal and objective.

Regardless of the main cause of the protest, and the spirit which is steadily guiding the protesters, there are other set of people who have joined the protest for personal reasons. 

These are the major 5 kinds of people you will see at the protest grounds.

1. The real protesters. Those who are out for the real protest, these ones have felt to brunt of SARS brutality directly or indirectly.

2. Pick pockets. These ones are solely out to steal and rob from the real protesters.

3. The photograpers/ selfie ladies. Their phones are always up and down,taking selfies and pictures of everything that happens during the protest.

4. Relationship seekers. These ones have thronged out for the protest with the sole aim of getting a lady or a guys contact.

5. The entertainment crew. These are the ones looking to catch fun, so they leave their homes and head out to catch fun. Most times they go out with their own fun. After the nation protest, they become the life of the group.

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