Little Bontle has been killed, Look what they did to her small body.

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The heartbreaking news of a lost child has shocked the people of Mganduzweni. It has been a month since Bontle Mashiyane, a six-year-old from Mganduzweni near Whiteriver in Mpumalanga, was last seen. Tragedy befell a desperate hunt that ended tragically. This morning, her disfigured corpse was unearthed buried in a shallow grave a few meters from her home. When she went missing, she was last seen playing with other children outside her house. Her family and the police have been looking for her, but so far they haven't located her. 

Collen Hlongwane, the man Bontle Mashiyane was last seen with, is reportedly an ex-convict. Hlongwane had been released from prison on parole for two earlier killings at the time of this incident. This has put our legal system in the spotlight. 

If our children are kidnapped and slain in their own backyard, in the backyard of their neighbors, or in their own neighborhood, where should they go to feel safe? Some of us are, in fact, the devil. Heartfelt condolences to the child's family; I can only image the agony they've been through, and the sleepless nights they'll have to endure for the foreseeable future. In circumstances like this, the constitution should be changed and the death penalty should be used. 

This is so excruciating. It's time for a serious assessment of our Constitution. This country's laws are not respected by these killers. No one will hold them accountable for their actions since they know they have the power to murder. An eye for an eye, in my opinion, will be helpful here. It's imperative that the sangomas in the area be looked into. A muti ritual has been performed here, because of the strong odour. A mere two weeks after the horrible murder of Hillary Gardee, Bontle's death has come to light. Her body was found thrown in the bushes, as well .'s He claims that the way Hillary's body was mutilated made her death look like a ritual killing? 

Immediately following the discovery of Bontle's body, residents of the community gathered together to pay tribute. 

What's going on in Mpumalanga, South Africa? This must be investigated properly by Bheki Cele's investigation team! 

Dear angel, may you rest in peace.

Source: Newzroom405 journalist, Melissa Masilela.


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