Popular Footballer Has Allegedly Undergone Surgery To Become Transgender


Homosexual and Transgender issues have really trend weeks back. Now the issues seems to grow bigger and bigger. A popular football star who happens to be a former player of real Madrid has allegedly undergone surgery to change from male to female. This player has not only play for Madrid but has also played for Bayern Munich and is currently playing for Everton in the English premiere league. He was once the best player of world cup 2010 tournament. It is quiet surprising for a player like him to do. This player is called James Rodriquez. James Rodriguez is a Colombian footballer who plays at Goodison park for Everton.

For some time he has not been playing for them. It is alleged that he took the time off to undergone a surgery that will enable him to change from male to female. Nobody knows the rational behind his intension but it will be a surprise to the whole world to hear that James Rodriguez one of the best players years back 2010 and 2011 has turn himself into a female. It has been reported James Rodriquez is not going to play football again. It all being completely hushed up by Everton at the moment.

Ancelotti doesn't want the team to get distracted in the last couple of games when the news the breaks out. The players themselves haven't been told. It is going to be the biggest news in football when it breaks out. It has been reported that a couple of years ago he decided he wanted to live as a woman and started taking hormone pills, its why Real madrid got rid of him for nothing and no other clubs were in for him.Everton thought it worth a punt just for the shirt sales in colombia. it has weakened his body which is why he has only managed 60minutes in most games he had played.

Remember the bruised testicle early in the season? Hormones. After the anfield game he decided to he wanted togo through the full gender reassignment surgery. That is why he is not been available since. He had it done last week. English FA has said he can't be in the men's game anymore. He is no longer having manhood.

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