10 Best Ways To Punish Your Man Who Has A Relationship With Another Woman

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If you find that your man is having an affair with another woman, don't freak out or employ force that could lead to a conflict. Punish your boyfriend in secret with a punishment that will cause him anguish and cause him to modify his behavior.

Do not utilize the penalty in an ineffective manner. Here are some of the most effective ways to punish a man who is in a relationship with another woman.

1.Deny him the opportunity to have sex with you.

You should not allow him to engage with you after he has engaged with another lady

2.Stop talking about the future with him.

Cancel all of your plans that you had made in advance, and don't tell him what you want.

3.Do not take any of his presents.

4.Keep yourself occupied whenever you meet him in order to avoid him.

5.Make him aware that you are aware of his relationship with another woman.

6.move to a different room to sleep and leave him alone.

7.Stop accompanying him on various outings.

8.Stop grinning at him, even if he says something funny.

9.Delay in answering his phone call and taking a long time to respond to his text, or simply disregard everything.

10.Stop ironing his clothing or putting them in the right place.

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