A Kenyan Man Creates A Machine That Cooks Ugali in Three Minutes

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Ugali is the most widely eaten food in Africa. It is probably the most popular food in Africa, derived from cereals, especially corn. Ubugali (Burundi, DR Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda), moteke (RDC) and busima (Uganda), are part of the popular ugali names in the East African region which are usually cooked using a cooking stick. A short video showing a man preparing ugali has been widely circulated on social media as well as being fun.

This video shows the man mixing flour and water in a saucepan before stirring it using a machine instead of the usual cooking stick when stirring the ugali. It is reported that the machine was developed by a person living in Kakamega, Kenya with the ability to cook ugali for a record of only three minutes.

According to the Kenyan website, which published the discovery of this discovery, the preparation of ugali varies from tribe to tribe, but generally good ripe porridge can be cooked for between 8 and 15 minutes depending on the size of ugali itself; large, medium or small.

This video has shocked many people on social media, some of whom say that it is not easy to cook ugali in three minutes. "Ugali cannot be cooked or prepared for three minutes. That is not porridge. You can move it but that will be water porridge the fire will not get inside properly. These are for professionals," said Ja'Rusinga.

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