7 Saturday Matches Set To Win Sh 18,600


Welcome back, it's now time to end the week with a huge victory. Here are 7 well analysed matches to make your dreams come true. Be patient and take your few minutes to convert your time into cash. Without wasting time let's start.

1. Real Madrid Vs Villarreal.

It's in this encounter where we might experience plenty of goals despite the fact that real is strong and the favorite in terms of defensive. Both teams will be striving for success to secure their places in the league. Therefore goals will be expected to flow from both sides here and over 2.5 goals come full-time.

2. Real Valladolid Vs Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Will be seeking to secure the Spanish title here with a victory, as their have been on top in the previous matches. It should be an open game where we would be expecting plenty goals and my prediction is over 1.5 goals.

3. Bayern Munich Vs Augsburg.

Bayern are unbeaten, having dominated 5 previous matches against the visitors without any slippery. We should therefore expect nothing else rather than a win for the host here. In addition Bayern is well know in scoring plenty goals in most of their fixtures and am tipping them to win with 2 or more goals. Predict for Bayern and over 1.5 goals.

4. Hoffenheim Vs Hertha.

The visitors have been unbeaten in their previous 8 fixtures. They are also the experts in draws with more of their fixtures ending in draws. On the other side hoffenheim have also encountered several fixtures edging with draws, hence that illustrates that the fixture here might end up with draw results. However am tipping for a win or draw for the host.

5. Frankfurt Vs Freiburg.

The visitors must win this fixture if they are hoping for a better position in the European league, While the host have all the determination to win so as they finish on the top 5 record. Since it's a tricky Match for both sides I would expect a match where goals will flow from both sides. Hence am tipping for GG and over 1.5 goals.

6. Berlin Vs Leipzig

Union Berlin will be taking Leipzig on Saturday as they will be seeking for a win here to book the tickets for the coming Europa conference. Meanwhile Leipzig might not be at their best formation to prove themselves here, a situation where they might encounter a defeat or share spoils here. Predict for over 1.5 goals in this encounter.

7. Dortmund Vs Leverkusen.

Despite the fact that Leverkusen have been strong in the league, they also posses a very poor away record in their previous games. In the other side Dortmund have been performing well and will still be looking for more great achievements here. With that in mind expect a well dominated play for the host and should definitely lead in both halves producing a victory in the final whistle. Predict for Dortmund here.

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Vidiyat kenya_public@operanewshub.com