How Ruto Will Be Affected By The Government Suspension of Covid Vaccine


Due to covid 19 infections, the nation of Kenya made arrangements of receiving the AstraZeneca Coronavirus vaccine which was to be given the health workers like doctors, nurses, and clinical officers.

The second group in the line of vaccination were teachers and the elderly. The government also urged the leaders to participate in the vaccination process so that they can instill confidence in the people. The president invited all the members of the executive to participate in the vaccination process. Unfortunately, the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya was never invited to take the jab which left many people questioning the President's decision.

The deputy President organized to have the vaccine together with Mama Rachel Ruto. Before the Deputy President was through with his full dose to assure him of one hundred percent protection, the government decided to ban the private vaccination process claiming that it is was imported illegally. It is only the government that has full responsibility for giving the vaccine to citizens.

Ruto's decision to take the Russian vaccine has left some of his political enemies fighting him. They argue that Ruto is supporting the Communist group while the government is for capitalism. How will William Ruto receive his second dose of the Russian vaccine? This is a question being asked by many.