"DANGER," See Why Using Car Ac Is Dangerous And Can Kill You


It' s no surprise that more people are dying from cancer than ever before.

Many people drive to work and home first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Please do NOT turn on the A/C as soon as you reach the vehicle. After a few minutes, open the windows and switch on the air conditioner. When you start your car engine, most modern cars now have a feature that switches off the AC recirculation button by design, allowing the polluted air inside the car to flow out.

Benzene, a cancer- causing poison, is emitted by the car dashboard, seat, and air freshener, according to reports (carcinogen). Benzene poisons muscles, causes anemia, and destroys white blood cells in addition to cancer. Long- term exposure can result in leukemia as well as other health problems.

Take your time smelling your car for the scent of hot plastic (especially new cars that are made for the Nigerian market). The maximum amount of benzene allowed indoors is 50 mg per square foot.

400- 800 mg of benzene can be found in a car parked indoors with the windows closed. When a car is left outside in the sun, the benzene level rises to 2000- 4000 mg, which is more than 40 times the permissible level.

People who get into their cars with the windows closed inhale this poison, which is impossible for our bodies to get rid of. So, friends, please open your car windows and allow the interior air time to dispel the deadly stuff.

Finally, many drivers face a challenge because they inhale benzene with their windows up and CO2 (carbon monoxide) released from other vehicles with their windows down. As a result, we urge the Nigerian government to enact stringent anti- emissions legislation in order to save the lives of our generation and future generations.

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