7 Key Steps to Take Before Starting a Milk Business in Kenya

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Milk is one of the most important product in each and every family because its used to make tea or even taken as raw.The demand for milk its high and increases daily because almost each family in the country must consume it.Milk has a ready market all you need its just to follow the steps discussed in this article.

1 Have a business plan

The business plan must state the capital you need,the location of the business,how many liters of milk you plan to sell each day and where will you be getting the product.

2 Find a good location

Focus on an area with high population and the milk its not readily available like a shopping center and be 100% you will make sells.

3 Have a very reliable supplier

Have a person who will always have fresh milk and sells the exert number of litters you want.The supplier should also sell the milk with a favorable price as this will let you set a fair prices and also be left with a good profit.

4 Secure a milk business permit and a licence

You must have a single business permit from the county offices and health certificate that shows you adhere to cleanses and standards of hygiene.

5 Brand your business

Renovate the room that you found by installing shelves and counters in order to make the business visible to customers.

6 Start your business

Open up your business and ensure there is high hygiene to avoid any contamination.Offer a good customer service to retain your customers who will also bring more clients to you.

7 Market your business

Let the people know you have a business so that they can promote you and make increased sells which results to huge profit.Marketing can be achieved through creating brochures and give to customers who can share to their friends.

Learn each and every step in the article and practice those key steps your business will grow and make huge returns.

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