Ichung'wa: Koome Don't Allow Tuju And Others To Intimidate Judiciary, Be Very Careful With Them


While making his submission in parliament on the chief justice matter, the outspoken Kikuyu lawmaker Kimani Ichungw'a boldly advised the new Chief Justice Martha Koome to be wary of leaders like Raphael Tuju and others who were good at intimidating judiciary.

The vocal leader proceeded to note that she needed to be very independent in the way she works and avoid compromising the integrity of her office. The Mp pointed out that Judiciary needed to be very bold especially when arriving at some decisions that affects the politics of the country.

Ichungw'a also told Koome that her office was prone to a lot of interference especially by rogue leaders in senior government positions and thus she needed to be very courageous in her stand.

He further asked her to treat all Kenyans equally as she went about her work. He however noted that it was not going to be easy but with the support of Kenyans, she was going to make it.

Attached is a video link of the Mp speaking:


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