Do Not Throw Away Your Safaricom Line If It Loses Network, Instead Do This


First,go to your phone dial area.Then,dial *100#,and select the option of "Sim card queries". On this,it will take you to an option of solving the network of your line.And this,you will be redirected to restart your phone after which the problem will be resolved.

If the first option doesn't work,you can now send a message to this number,5555.Starting with the word " Network and location " so that the technical team and operate it for you.And the message is free to send so nothing you will incur.And within 30mins,your problem will be resolved.

Hope you have learnt something important. Tell a friend to tell a friend.So that,when your line loses network, you have what it takes to correct,instead of throwing and buying a new one.

What other lines do you know? Name below. Do you know how their network problems are solved?Leave a response below and I will appreciate.

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