"Kwani Vaccine Haifanyi", Uproar After Gvn. KiratuTests Positive For Covid-19 After Being Vaccinated


The breaking news about Meru governor Kiraitu Murungi testing positive for the nobel corona virus disease has elicited mixed reactions. Some Kenyans have questioned on why he has tested positive days after being vaccinated against the virus. Governor Murungi was among the people who received the first COVID-19 jab.

According to the Ministry of Health the vaccine is not used to treat the virus but it is aimed at reducing the chances of being infected with the virus. Even if you are vaccinated against the virus you can always be at risk of contracting the virus. The virus has has led to the lose of lives in the country and across the globe.

During the Friday's Covid-19 update, 28 people succumbed to the virus. The virus in its third phase has hit the country hard calling for more measures to be put in place to prevent further spreading. It is therefore a call for everyone to take care of themselves to reduce the rate at which the virus is spreading.

Here are some of the reactions

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