Frida Kajala Causes Stir Online With Posts About Love And Husband

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Frida Kajala Majanja is one of the famous Bongo actresses. She is an ex-girlfriend to celebrated Bongo singer Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize.

The duo broke up early last, ending social media rumours that they were set to settle down as husband and wife

Their breakup turned ugly after Rayvanny exposed Harmonize for allegedly hitting on Paula Kajala, Frida Kajala's daughter, after the breakup. He denied the claims.

He also tendered his apology to the actress for hurting her. Frida did not respond but shared a cryptic post stating how she was never ready to be hurt again. 

A few days ago, Frida was reminded of the incident after she exposed Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone Apoko over claims of hitting on her and Paula.

Interestingly, Frida Kajala has shared cryptic posts hinting she might be in love.

She also talked about the need to get a God-fearing man by stating that, “Let God make a man out of him before you try to make a husband out of him!” 

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