"He Was Bright" Grade Sankok's Son Scored in His Last Exam Before He Died as His Principal Speak

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Slain 15-year-old Hillary Memusi Sankok, son of Nominated MP David Sankok was a student at Kericho high school. The school boy who died by shooting himself using his father's gun has been profiled by teachers and fellow students as an outgoing and disciplined boy.

Teachers and students at Kericho high school have said that Memusi related very well with other learners as they mourned him as a sociable student.

It has also emerged that Memusi's father, MP David Sankok also attended Kericho high school. The school principal, Dr Daniel Chelule, said that the institution was shocked by Memusi's sudden demise.

Kericho high school principal Dr Chelule also revealed that Memusi performed quite well in his last examination at the institution before he died. The principal further stated that the slain boy scored a C+ in the End Term exam which was the last examination he did at the school.

“He performed generally well and managed a C plus mean grade at the end of term 3, 2021” said Kericho high school principal Dr Daniel Chelule.

One of late Memusi's classmate said that he was outgoing and always wanted the best for everyone. The student said that they were saddened by Memusi's untimely death.

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