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"The fiftieth year you shall make sacred by proclaiming liberty in the land for all." - Leviticus 25:10

We all must worship. If we don't worship God, then we worship ourselves, and eventually demons. "What am I saying - that meat offered to an idol is a reality? No, I mean that Gentiles sacrifice to demons and not to God, and I do not want you to become sharers with demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and likewise the table of demons." (1Cor 10:9-21)

Society may appear to hinder worship, but actually worship dominates society. A new worship is the only force that can stifle another worship. For example, the purpose of the jubilee Year was to overcome the worship of greed, money, and self - glorification (Lv 25:1 ff). In Egypt the worship of work and pleasure hindered the worship of God (Ex 5:3-4). Herod's worship of sex stifled worship in spirit and truth (Mt 14:4)

In the modern world, we continue to worship money, work, pleasure, and sex. The Lords Day is not the Lords but ours. Our holy days are weekends and holidays. The worship of this world has increased and the worship of God has decreased. We can reverse this diabolical trend by repenting and changing lifestyle because styles of life become invariably style of worship. "Worship God alone!" (Rv 22:9)

PRAYER:Father, I repent of ungodly worship of self and creatures rather than of you, the Creator.

PROMISE:It shall be a jubilee for you, when everyone of you shall return to his own property. "-(Lev 25:10)

PRAISE: Albert gave up sports on Sunday to keep Sunday Holy.

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