Lovely Ways To Surprise Your Partner

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1.Dedicate a song to her.

It is a classic surprise idea that will not fail. Call a local radio station that she listens to and ask them to play her favorite song with a shout-out. You could even plan to be around her when it happens for maximum effect.

2. Write her a love letter

How long has it been since you last wrote your girlfriend a love letter? Something as typical as a long romantic letter sealed with a kiss? Surprise her with this classic gesture that most women adore. You don’t need to be poetic, be honest about your feelings, and pour your heart out.

3. Gifts can be classic, but personalized

If you’d like to get her something for a special occasion, or just because you love her, then the stereotypical flowers, chocolates, and cuddly toys could be a good idea provided that you put that extra little bit of thought into it, and get her something you know she likes.

If she’s a fan of dark chocolate, make it a box of organic dark chocolate truffles.

If she’s obsessed with sunflowers, get her a bouquet of them.

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