In Shock| Stones Thrown At Police Officers In JHB CBD Because Of This

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There's an incident which occurred today that has caused a huge stir on media as it is controversial. Illegal traders were throwing stones at the law enforcement officers as they were seizing their goods. Some people were condemning this behaviour while others were condoning it. People provided reasons as to why they are condoning this, they said that the law enforcement officers failed to tackle issues which affect us in communities yet they want to destroy innocent people's lives. These people are not committing any crime and they're just trying to make an income so that they can be able to provide for themselves.




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At least they did not turn into crime although there is a high rate of unemployment in our country. People are tired of being poor and having to depend on the government fully that is why they are trying to make ends meet. With that being said other people do not condone this behaviour because it is promoting lawlessness in our country. No matter what the law enforcement officers did then traders had no right to do such a thing therefore they are breaking the law once again.

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