Two kidnappers sentence to death over death of the takoradi girls

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In 2018 when senior high school students completed school a lot of them were looking for job to save a little money to support their education a they await their results.

In hunting for job this innocent beautiful young girls lost their lives in the hand of kidnappers who pretended to be offering them a job.

since the years 2018 we all followed this news to see how it will end, some of us also gave up following because the issue was under investigation.

In 2018 to 2019 an update came that some remains have been found and after performing forensic, it was proven that it was the remains of the girls, meaning their dead.

Their names respectfully are Ruth Quayson who's 18 years old, Priscilla Koranchie who's 15, Ruth Abeka who's also 18 years old and another Priscilla Bentum.

After so many months and years the judgment has been served,

The sekondi takoradi court sentence the accused kidnappers to death penalty, tho they pleaded not guilty of the said crime and therefore the court has given them the chance to appeal within thirty days.

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