The latest SA Covid-19 Statistics on Thursday evening

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Covid-19 is still far from vanishing in South Africa . People in South Africa and the rest of the world will have to get used to the pandemic . The cases sometimes decrease and at some moments fluctuate .

As of the 20th of January 2022 , there were a total of 37 484 Covid-19 tests that were carried out in the whole of South Africa . Out of those tests , there were 3 962 positively identified Covid-19 cases . This was a representation of a 10.6% positivity rate .

As a result of the 3 962 positively identified cases recorded on Thursday , the total number of positive cases that have been identified in South Africa is now 3 572 860 . Even though that is the total number of positive cases that have been identified , the number of active cases is way lower.

The number of active cases now stands at 84 487 . Given these statistics ,it is clear that there is a need for people to continue adhering to the Covid-19 protocols which help reduce the possibility of getting infected . When going out in the public, members are encouraged to ensure that that they wear masks . This helps reduce infecting others and getting infected .

There is another thing that has been learned about Covid-19 since 2020 . It is the fact that the pandemic kills . People have been dying since 2020 when it was first detected and they keep dying more than two years later .

As of the 20th of January , it was noted that there were 31 deaths that were recorded as a result of Covid-19 related infections .As of Thursday , the number of fatalities to date stood at 93846. Tens of thousands of people have died since 2020 from Covid-19 . What measures are you applying to be safe from the pandemic .

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