How I grow my natural hair in TWO WEEKS


The beauty of natural hair is so extraordinary, when you have a natural hair you remain unique and natural as you. Natural hair maintains who you are.

I struggled to grow my hair for a long period of time, my hair used to grow slowly and I didn't get solution to grow it faster.

I tried alot of things such as coconut oil, chebe , restore spray but I failed. Later on I was introduced to a natural way growing my hair faster .

I tried 15 days challenge of rice water treatment. Rice water is a homemade hair spray that consume less time to manufacture and it is convenient.

I used brown rice, water , and orange. Orange is used to make flavour to my rice water.The procedure is as follows, I soak rice in water and use my hand to rub it for 10 minutes until the water is white, I remove rice from water, after I boil orange juice with rice water for 5 minutes, I bottle it and leave it for a week in a cool dark place, then is ready for use. I then pour it in a spray bottle. I spray my hair 4 times a week. Rice water promote fast hair growth.

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