Whiles the Npp gave bicycles to overal best farmer, see what Mahama decided to do for these farmers

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The new patriotic party are being chastised for not doing what should have been done today being a farmer’s day.

Farmers play a very important role in the growth of the economy. Farmers are seen as one of the most contributing and economically essential group of people whose services can never be left unseen or not appreciated..

Farmers on every farmer’s day are celebrated and motivated to work harder and better. The country and the government encourages the youth to involve themselves in farming.

This is because people assume that farming is meant to be practiced by the uneducated but this is a wrong message and a perception that needs to be erased from the minds of the youth.

But in doing so, what really was expectant of the incumbent government was how they were going to motivate the people or farmers contributing to this country’s growth.

The motivation which has been trending today was the motivation and gift of bicycle to the best farmer. The best farmer won a bicycle and not a car or even a motor and this is something Ghanaians do not agree to.

The incumbent government have been criticized for sometime now and this was also because the former president, John Dramani Mahama spent quality time interacting with farmers and supporting them with cocoa cracking among others.

Mahama further congratulated them and thanked them for their services as well as gifted them some very important farming tools.

This was a special farmer’s day experience for Mahama and one that people think this government should have emulated.

The farmers in the country are really important and once we begin to belittle them and limit their worth to just a bicycle and not something they can be proud of and boast of, they lose confidence in what they are doing for the country.

Aside this, the youth might not be motivated enough to go into farming when aside almost having no access to relevant farming tools, are not appreciated as well.

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