Handsome Photos Of Dee Vaah Before He Changed His Gender To Female

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Change is always constant in life, so everyone should be ready for it at anytime. It is good to always remember your past life because it makes you thankful of whom you have become in this present time.

There are many successful crossdressers and few transgender people in Nigeria, but there is one particular person that is different and more unique. Buchi Alexandra is a popular transgender man who has always had the urge be a lady ever since he was growing up as a child.

This beautiful transgender has also archived so many things aa he changed his gender to female, he is also a well known model, influencer and a content creator. Some people also think that he is more successful than Bobrisky who is a popular Nigerian crossdresser.

Photos Of Dee Vaah Before He Changed His Gender; Every transgender person always have their past life that they probably can't forget easily. He was handsome and very attractive as a male child.

Note: Nobody should criticise or hate Dee Vaah for his crossdressing lifestyle because has chosen to empower himself as a lady.

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