How To Maintain Your Style With A Bold Colour Outfit

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1. Accentuate with bold colours

When trying to adopt bold colours into your style, you want to start out with using them as accents on your outfit because you sure have not mastered the use of it In other words, wearing a bold colour tie, or wearing a pair of socks with bright colour or a lapel made of printed fabrics may be enough to make a statement with colour. Trying to do more than that may make your outfit full of colours in a way that is not appealing. 

2. Focus on one bold colour at a time

Taking your colour adventure a step further, you can wear one colourful clothing item at a time. For instance, wearing an orange shirt under a navy blue blazer and a pair of navy or black trousers is enough for a start. Adding another colour of tie may not be nice except you have another accessory to match with it like a shoe or belt. It is just best to stick with one colour at a time to keep your look simple.

3. Choose complementary colours

When experimenting with bright colours, the colours which you select matter a great deal. But how you combine them is even more important. This is because they can influence how smart or not you look in your outfit. Wearing bright coloured monochrome outfits for example can give you a disorganized look, thereby distorting your style. It's better to choose complementary colours that will balance out your look. Some examples of complementary colours are red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple. 

Which of these tips are you trying soon? Do you have more tips? Share with us in the comment section. 

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