5 Countries That Have Developed Without Natural Resources

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Natural resources are materials created in nature that are used and usable by humans. They include natural substances (e.g., soil, water) and energy .

This resources can be renewable or nonrenewable. Some countries don't have these natural resources yet have managed to become a global financial stable nation. In the same vain, others got many natural resources yet unable to develop. Below are the list of 5 Countries without resources according wikipedia and Investopedia.

1. Japan

Japan is a volcanic island and mountainous country. It has a very less amount of natural resources to give adequate support to its economic growth and development. The country had to depend on the importation of raw materials to support its large population and growing economy. However, with exports of electronics, automobiles, semiconductors, conductors, steel, iron and copper, Japan was able to sustain economic growth.

2. South Korea

South Korea makes export of over $550 billion through massive industrialization. With very little natural resources and overpopulation, South Korea was able to survive its economy with core exportations in automotive, telecommunications equipment, computers, ships, steels, high tech electronics, petrochemicals, and information displays.

3. Italy

Although Italy does not boast of beautiful and mindblowing skyscrapers, it remains one of the top world countries with a growing economy. While Italy lacks the power of natural resources, it remains a world-class industrial nation making over $530 billion in clothing and textiles, engineering products, transport equipment, automotive, chemicals, beverages and tobacco, food, refined metals as well as high-end luxuries consumer products.

4. Hong Kong

Due to Hong Kong’s size, it has a very small land with less natural resources, therefore, it imports raw materials and most of its food from other countries. Even at this huge rate of importation, Hong Kong has been able to manage its own industrialization to make over $440 billion from exportation.

5. Singapore

They used to even import water from their neighbors, Malaysia.With no natural resources and having a very small population among other countries on this list, Singapore proves to the world how a tiny island can become one of the most prosperous nations across the globe. It sent agents to learn planting of palm tree and uses of palm oil from Ghana in 2001.

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