Have you seen Nnamdi Azikwe University? This is what it looks like

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Nigeria has resounding institutions ranging from universities to polytechnics, and to college of education. Education has not been the same ever since our fathers who lived before us understood it's values and so they invested so much in ensuring that quality and affordable education is rendered to those who desires it. Unlike our recent times when a lot of people looks down on the plight of education. Only few are ready to invest in education to ensure it's growth and development.

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka popularly referred to as UNIZIK or for short NAU is a prestigious university which has raised prominent people.

The school is located in Awka, the capital of Anambra state. Unizik is a Federal university in Nigeria which comprises of two campuses, one located at Awka and the other at Nnewi. The institution is named after the dignitary, Dr Nnamdi Azikwe.

Most people have heard of the institution but hasn't seen it or had a glance of what it looks like. Below are few pictures that will give you a good memory and proper imagination of what Nnamdi Azikwe university looks like.

The institution which was established in 1991 to replace the Anambra state university has a total of 14 faculties and 57 departments.

Have you gone to Unizik? What was your experience both academically, socially and relatively? Do you recommend this institution for young aspiring undergraduates?

Share your unique voice with us in the comment section. Also share this piece with others, Unizik is a great school that has raised great people.

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