Check Out What A Man Was Spotted Doing On The Road While In Traffic, That Made People React


Do you often wonder why certain people do bizarre things? Do you wonder if these people care about what other people think about their actions? Usually, these persons go about their strange activities despite other people’s opinion. Have you ever come across a man urinating on the road, in traffic? Below is a practical example for you to see and possibly learn.

Among some of the reports going around most social media platforms include that of a man who allegedly came out of a bus in traffic and began to urinate on the road. This immediately got people talking, some claiming he should be arrested while others maintaining that there was nothing wrong with what he did considering he was stuck in traffic.

Check out screenshots of some comments below:

What do you make of this?

• Do you think this is proper?

• Do you think he should be arrested?

• Do you find this disrespectful?

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