Check out these 5 prayer points for Nigeria


As we are all human being there is one or two issues we are facing through in life. people of now days believed that when they a person or a nation is trapped in a issue most people believe there can be way out. But if they keel on praying and they have faith in God there will be a free way out and our lord also said it in (Mathew 7 verse 7) which says ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and it shall be found and knock and it shall be open unto you . so we can ask God for mercy over our nation Nigeria because the Lord as promised and what God says he will do he will surely do it .we have been hearing kidnapping, arm robbery and so on like that but for those who have faith and believe by praying and fasting Nigeria shall become a great nation one day, their prayer will be surely answered,but now days people usually ask me a questions and the question is one of them said why have our prayer and fasting over Nigeria as not be coming to pass but I told them if they didn't prayed or fast at all, the issues of Nigeria will be critical than that. So here I list the five prayer point that can solve all issues Nigerian is facing through:

1)pray for to God to touch the heart of our leaders

2)Pray for the government to invest good educational system

3)Pray for the nation to provide job for the graduate

4)Pray for the security agent,as they are fighting to secure our nation their effort shall not be in vain

5)Pray for insecurity in our nation

And as we pray for Nigeria our effort shall not be in vain.