Moses Agbavito Impregnated His Own Daughter And Pleaded Guilty To The Court, Angel News Confirms


There has been another disgraceful act today where a 54 year old man slept with his own daughter and impregnated her in addition

The news reported by Angel News explained that the middle aged man was living together with his daughter and some other family members for a while now.The report also added that Moses was frequently sleeping with his daughter and warning her not to tell anyone else in the family

The report also stated that his regular encounters got his daughter pregnant.At this point she had no option than to spew the information to a close family member.The police got hold of him and interestingly enough he admitted all his crimes without stress

The report ended in the Ofankor court where he pleaded guilty to incest.This piece of information is as sad you can imagine.Alwyas check on your family and friends because something terrible could be happening to them

What can you say to this? Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation? Share your experience with us. Kindly drop your comments below

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