How To Keep Cashmere Clothing

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Cashmere is the softest kind of fabric you can think of, and it's softness rivals that of wool, cotton, and any other fabric type. This softness though, makes it very vulnerable to extreme conditions and careless handling. To make your cashmere last for long, there are some basic steps you need to take, some rules you need to follow.

Here are two sure ways you can ensure that your cashmere keeps for as long as you want it, and in great shape too.

1. Wash with your hands. No mater how tempting it is to just throw it into a washer, don't. That will stress the fibres and give you misshapen clothes.

2. Don't ever make the mistake of hanging your cashmere, whether it is wet or dry. This is a sure way to stretch the fibres out of shape, and leave you with clothes that sag and look unappealing.

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