Man Almost Kill his Wife, Over Refusal, To Abort 3 Months old Pregnancy


I wonder which a sensible man will lay hands on his wife, just because of a baby that is a free gift from God. My question to the man is, why did he climb her wife in the first place without using protection, when he fully know well that it may lead to pregnancy. It's against human rights to beat up lady in Nigeria Constitution, he just take law into his hands.

A couple from Ondo state, who weeded in August 2018 , Ronke Adeyemi 33 and one Mr Baba Abiodun Abbey, Ronke who claimed to be 3 months pregnant was Allegedly beating up by her husband and leave Bruce's all over her body. He should have peacefully approach his wife, the reasons why he didn't want the pregnancy, instead of brutalizing and disfiguring the face of her beautiful wife.

The brother of the lady make the issues known the general public, after the maltreatment from her husband, he said "my sister was beating up by her husband for refusing to arbort the three months old unwanted pregnancy, 'he continue" he dip his hands into her private part in an attempt of removing the pregnancy, he added" the couple have been involving in several coflict and violence since they got married, which have been involving settlement by both families. The family of the girl, are set to file a case against the husband after they have contacted the police.

Please what do you think, should be done to the man who beat up his wife?