How Eating Sukuma Wiki On A Regular Basis Affects A Person

Sukuma Wiki,also known as Kale is a favourite vegetable to most comrades and most vegetarians. By the fact that it is a vegetable,it has various benefits in the body of a human being such as containing fibres that are responsible for controlling constipation. However,when eaten on a regular basis,this vegetable has various side effects which include the following;

First,excessive Kale causes Stomach upsets, too much eating of this vegetable can lead to poor absorption, indigestion, intestinal bloating and intestinal gas accumulation among other issues over time.This majorly results into dissorders such as stomach ulcers among diseases .

Secondly,Sukuma Wiki also causes dehydration and drying of the mouth. This is because Kale is diuretic in nature and when eaten on a regular basis,it inturn results into dehydration.This occurs majorly because of excessive and frequent urination after consuming the vegetable.

Last but not least,excessive consumption of Sukuma Wiki on a regular basis can also cause allergic reaction.Most people develop allergic reactions including running noses, itchiness in the throat, nausea and dizziness among other reactions after taking too much Sukuma wiki . It is therefore advisable to eat Sukuma wiki and other vegetables in consideration of the above problems. It's good to have vegetables but with alot of moderation.