"I Want To Have My Own Kids But I Sold All My Eggs When I Was 21 Years" Renowned Actress Cries Out


Motherhood is one of the best experiences any woman can go through. Children are blessing and gift from God and always bring happiness to any family they are born into.

According to Tuko news on their tweeter account, a renowned actress, Tiffany Sara Haddish has confessed to have sold all her eggs when she was 21 years old.

He 41 year old actress said that there was a time she wanted money and the only way to solve her problems was to sell all her eggs. She said,

"Here comes something everybody doesn't know. When I was 21, I was really hard up with money and I gave up a bunch of eggs."

However, she wants to settle down and have her own family but she can never get pregnant again. She opts to adopt a baby and settle with her rapper boyfriend.

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