Seven major Festivals in Ghana that might be affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Ghana called for a ban on public gatherings from March 15 after it confirmed the first five cases of COVID-19.

Schools, markets, churches, mosques as well as other social gatherings such as weddings, festivals and funerals have remained under a ban since the first order.

Ghana has so far reported 1042 confirmed cases as of Sunday 19th April, 2020 as its officials intensified contact tracing across the country.

This pandemic might affect some major Festivals in the country to call off. Few people in the town(Chief and elders) might gather to perform one of two rituals to Mark a new season. Some major Festivals include;

1. Aboakyir (Deer Hunt) Festival

“Aboakyir” literally, means “game hunting”. This popular festival is celebrated on the first Saturday of May by the chiefs and people of Winneba. The festival begins with a competitive hunt between 2 traditional warrior groups in a nearby game reserve, where each tries to catch an antelope live.

2. Bakatue Festival

Literally translated to mean “opening up of the Benya Lagoon into the sea”, Bakatue symbolizes theb beginningof a fishing season, which is the main livelihood of the people of Elmina. It is celebrated annually in Elmina on the first Tuesday in July.

3. Homowo Festival

This is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of the Ga Traditional Area, in the Greater Accra Region. It originated from a period of great famine which was eventually followed by a bumper harvest in grain and fish. Thus, the word “Homowo”, literally means “hooting at hunger”.

4. Kundum Festival

Kundum is celebrated from August to November by the Western Region’s coastal tribes, the Ahantas and Nzemas. Beginning in August, the festival moves west from Takoradi to town after town at weekly intervals.

5. Fetu Afahye Festival

It is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of September by communities in the Cape Coast Traditional Area (Fetu). It is characterized by a durbar of chiefs and processions of “Asafo Companies” (traditional warrior groups) and numerous social organisations.

6. Odwira Festival

Odwira Festival This festival is celebrated in most Akwapim towns during the months of September and October, with the most colourful festivities taking place at Akropong, Amanokrom and Aburi, in the Eastern Region.

7. Hogbetsotso Festival

The “Anlo Ewes”, an ethnic group on the eastern cost (Volta Region) of Ghana, are believed to have settled in Notsie in Togo when they first migrated from Southern Sudan. The main durbar always take place on the first Saturday of November in Anloga, in the Volta Region.

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