Subtle Ways To Upgrade Your School Uniform

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School uniforms are restrictive in that they don’t let you express yourself your own way. There are always rules to follow, and dress codes to keep to, and usually, they can be quite annoying.

In this article, I’ve compiled a few ways you can subtly tweak your uniform, all while staying under the radar of acceptable dress standards.

- Play with the hem and fitting

This is the most common way to modify your school uniform without attracting too much attention. You can shorten the hem, add a bit of length, and change how tight or loose it is.

- Work with jackets and blazers

If the school has them, then do a bit of work on them before you use them. Just make sure to make minor changes, so you don’t get into trouble.

- Use accessories

A bracelet, different earrings, a hairpin, hair clips, anything you can find can work. You’d be surprised how much a few accessories can change your look.

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