The Sinner's Bible: Flashback to 1631

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The Bible is the most sold book in the world, it is a wonderful book that helps in all aspects of life, from marriage and children to personal health and good lifestyle, the guides to all these things can all be found in the Bible.

The most famous of these rules and laws to help people to live their best lives is the 'TEN COMMANDMENTS' , which basically tells people what they should do and what the should not do, Things that are considered as bad.

One of these commandments is the 'THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY' which is the 6th commandment and, in 1631, a couple of printers in London made a reprint of the KJV Bible with the sixth commandment missing the word 'NOT', which reads 'THOU SHALT COMMIT ADULTERY'.

Robert Barker and Martin Lucas were the printers who made this costly mistake, they lost their printing license and were fined 500 pounds which is equivalent to 50,322 pounds in 2019, needless to say, this angered the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop at the time, Charles the first and George Abbot.

Apart from that first mistake, another costly blunder is also present, in Deuteronomy 5:24, it reads that "BEHOLD THE LORD OUR GOD HAS SHEWD US HIS GLORY AND GREAT-ASSE", which should say "GREATNESS".

This Bible is also called the 'Wicked Bible' and supposedly, Nine copies of this Bible is still in existence today and they are of very high value, since they are so rare, being sold at 31, 250 Pounds and 99,500 Dollars to the highest bidders.

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