The 2020-21 PSL Referee of the Season

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Congratulations to the referee of the season but we still want to see consistency by our match officials. Suspension won't change the fact that results are being tampered.

2020-21 awards with the 2021-22 season already started? Why so slow? It's like player and coach of the month awards, given 3 months later. Slow PSL.

Psl is corrupt.This made headlines officiating Royal AM and Cape Town all Stars.He gave a false penalty like jelly Chavani

We need VAR psl referees are disgrace, are costing clubs and coaches.PSL is far behind, countries like Egypt Morocco have VAR.IF you don't have a plan hire mobile VAR like karpowership.Something is wrong with south africa.

Thought “Joy” Maruping will get this one 😔😔😔…. Just push this 2021-22 season my ninja one day you’ll get it . Congrants to 2020-21 PSL Referee of the Season 👌🏾.

This award shouldn't even exist in the 1st place given the amateurish standard of officiating in SA football. They must ALL hang their heads in shame.

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