Before You Start Your Day Activities, Say These Prayers.


Excellent God thank for making it possible for me to see another beautiful day like this, because many who slept at the same time with me are no more breathing in the land of the living. For this reason, I worship your name and I say may all glory, honor, and adoration be ascribe unto your name forever, in Jesus name.

This Tuesday morning we ask that you protect us in our going out and coming in, in Jesus name. And let every trap set against our lives scatter, give us new opportunities today and bless the works of our hands exceedingly through Jesus Christ we prayed. Amen

Let every household powers that limit our blessings receive fire and burn to ashes, and let every thing they have delayed in our lives from today begin to manifest to the glory of your holy name, Amen.

We ask that you give us endless peace to dwell with our brethrens and let your Joy be our strength, we pray as the month of May is gradually coming to an end, it shall not end with our lives, in Jesus name. Thank you everlasting God for granting our petitions, in Jesus name we prayed. Amen