Dear Yorubas, Please Forget About Oduduwa Republic And Embrace One Nigeria


It's no longer news that, thousand of Yorubas all over the country are presently demanding an independent Yoruba nation. However, it really saddens me a lot that some Yorubas are clamouring for an independent country despite all the sacrifices made by our past heroes who gave their all just for us to be one.

Dear Yorubas, Please forget about Oduduwa republic and embrace one Nigeria. We have gone a long way as one big family and we can't afford to waste the effort of our past leaders who fought for our independence. No region/tribe can survive on it's own not even the south, we all need each other. That's just the reality and the better we accept it and learn to live together as one, the better for all of us.

Yes, we can't deny the fact that we are facing a lot of challenges as a nation but that doesn't also mean that we should allow our frustration turn us against each other. The problem we are facing are caused by both me, and you and it won't get better until we accept the fact that change begin with us.

The problems we are facing today does not have anything to do with structure of the country or even the system of government, instead the problem lies within those who are being GOVERNED by the system. Have you ever asked yourself why USA are ahead of us in all aspect, despite the fact that we are practicing the same system of government? Have you ever asked yourself why India which is also made of up different tribes are ahead of us?