The timetable for Dumsor is finally out - People of Accra should get ready for it


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Ghana has come back to their Dum sor after a long break. When the NDC government was on power, we had a lot of power outages which a lot of Ghanaians were complaining about.

The ex president of the republic of Ghana,John Dramani Mahama of the NDC party had a tough time all because of power outage.

Most Ghanaians were not happy over the Dum sor crisis. Most celebrities criticise him over it.

Our most porpularly rapper and BET award winner Sarkodie did a song on the Dum sor over the power outages ocurring at that time.

The Dum sor crisis was soon cut off after a new Government took over. Ghanaians were happy of not witnessing such crisis.

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Just recently Dum sor has risen again and has got people talking about it,most importantly, in the Ashanti Region.

Because of the problem on power outages a new time table has been made at Ashanti Region indicating when the light shall go off and when it will be put on.

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The people of Ashanti Region should be ready to abide by all the rules put in place.