Mzansi stunned after Thuli Phongolo released her Dj costs. Check this out

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Thuli Phongolo who is an actress, Dj and media personality recently released her Rider list which is also known as her Dj costs. Which included 2x Moet Nectar Imperial, 1x Remy Martin VSOP, 4x Tonic Mixers, 1x Hubbly Bubbly, 4x Red Bull, 4x Still Water.

She also requires a security guard to be with her at all times and to escort her. She also requires the booking people to pay for her business flights, accommodation. Including an extra 20k for her work.

Mzansi isn't impressed with this rider list as a result that she she allegedly cannot Dj. Judging from all her videos circulating social media. I feel like we give female DJ's a pass when they play nonsense because it's a female. That madness must stop.They have to be measured to the standard of men because it's not doing women any favours.They must be treated equal to men. This lady is well known but she plays nonsense.

These artists are trying to seem cheap by charging small amounts, only to find out that you as a promoter are in charge of all other expenses (hotel, transport, booze etc). That 20k is the money that she takes home, nothing is subtracted from it. Exploitation at its best


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