Opinion: 4 Reasons Messi Dribble At A High Speed Than Any Other Players

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Messi can run at a speed of 32.5 kph. The average speed of an English Premier League winger is 32.4 kph, while the average speed of a center midfielder is 28.4 kph. Messi's quick acceleration explains why he appears to be so quick with the ball. He reaches full speed faster than players with long legs because of his short legs. A sprinter's dream, Lionel Messi embodies all three in spades. You can take a look at some of Messi's possessions in the list below.

Center of gravity is lowered.

Footballers who run with a shorter stride and a lower center of gravity are better able to quickly decelerate and accelerate and anticipate changes in motion. As a result, Messi is able to change direction and use his speed as much as he desires. According to many commentators, the ball "sticks to Messi's feet" when the Barcelona star dribbles. That he has complete control of the ball is undeniable. A distance of 10 cm to 1.5 m separates him from the ball at all times. Defenders can no longer launch tackles without committing a foul because that's too risky. When compared to players with a high center of gravity, those with a low center of gravity have a harder time getting back up after a fall.

There must be a balance between skill, efficiency and utility.

Whenever Messi performs a shimmy and switches the ball to the other leg, the opposing team is caught off guard and ends up committing an error in their play. The fact that his head is always held high while he dribbles is one of the most distinctive features of Messi's stance. While in a confined space, he is always on the lookout for his opponent's every move. This gives him an advantage over his rivals.


Messi exemplifies a higher level of endurance and speed in combination. Dribbles in football have been shown to increase energy consumption, motion exertion, and blood lactate, according to one study. Researchers found that the characteristics of speed and power are influenced by a range from 30% to 90% genetic factors, while peak oxygen uptake or endurance is influenced by a range between 40% and 70% genetic factors, according to this study Although it would be unfair to put nature above all else, Messi is naturally blessed with these characteristics. He has a natural talent and has worked hard to get there.

High Levels of Intelligence and Calm

An investigation into Messi's dribbling that was conducted in Sweden also has a theory. The study concluded that the player's extraordinary dribbling and speed originate from his excellent brainwork, which allows him to read the game faster than his opponents, thus enabling him to be one step ahead of them. As a result, Messi's abilities extend beyond his footwork.

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