The Man Is A Devil Himself, Sangoma Implicated In Ritual Deaths Of Children

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Meet The killer of children in mganduzweni game in ( Mpumalanga Province ), these people are very sick in the head because they're implicated in the murder of young children for reasons that are seriously questionable.

Most of these traditional healers do these things for financial gain so it doesn't require one to ask themselves, in what world would they kill young children. Well they would do so for financial gain at least that's how they think it works, but it's apparently not how it works because they still reside in the Rural parts of the country.

They're still making a living through murdering other kids despite having practiced those throughout the years, they still haven't reaped the fruits of their Labour and it is very concerning because kids are going missing and dying at the hands of such individuals.

The community members are visibly very upset to such an extent where they set fire to his premises where he's performing all these ridiculous, and strange acts using human body parts which is very strange because many people are just trying to get by and Survive.

These days it doesn't make sense that we have such individuals in our society who feel they need to do the things that they do, they really need to be dealt with in a decisive manner that is gonna ensure that this behaviour is not repeated again.

Because families are losing their loved ones and they are crying out for the heartache which has been caused by these individuals, while they go on about their lives and continue as if nothing has happened.

Many people are very happy that they have been arrested but we know they are going through court proceedings, whereby even cameras and cell phones are not allowed in the court. Because they fear that the community will take matters into their own hands, but in away if you ask why are they protecting criminals at the end of the day.

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