Raila Responds To Ruto's Accusations Over Jacaranda Chaos

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Deputy president William Ruto's rally at Jacaranda in Nairobi on Sunday was marked with violence as stone-throwing yuths engaged the police in running battles.

Speaking at the meeting, the DP pointed at an accusing finger at his political nemesis ODM leader Raila Odinga.

"You are only allowed to misuse these youths for the next six months afterwhich, they will not be available because we will give them Jobs", said the DP.

In a quick rejoinder, Raila Odinga's Secretariet has accused Ruto of perpetuating and sponsoring violence in his rallies.

"Violence has been part and parcel of Ruto's brand of Politics right from the time he introduced himself to Kenyans through the YK92", read part of the statement.

Raila's team further blamed the violence on Ruto's money which the youths were fighting over.

This isn't the first time Ruto's meeting is being interrupted by rowdy youths. Late last year during his visit to Kisumu, he was forced to cut short his tour at kondele after bumping into stone-throwing Youths.

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