Video of Rose saying that she can go to any extent to support his man.


Rose of Date Rush unscripted TV drama in a meeting has amazingly uncovered that she can get herself a dad no whom she will lay down with for cash to help her sweetheart. 

Rose is by all accounts a befuddled individual in light of the fact that in the no so distant past she gruffly said on TV3 Date Rush get-together that she can't date a broke person since she carries on with a lavish life and consistently request Uber. 

It's tranquil amazing that she has made a speedy U-turn after Ghanaians slammed her for being a gold digger. 

Numerous netizens have tossed hits her bearing for strikingly saying she will lay down with somebody to help her sweetheart who isn't yet her better half. 


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Am Kwame_fearless

So this is what rose from date rush is saying, so guys do you support? Ladies do you also support?

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