Edited Funny pictures of Malema, Ramaphosa and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi that you haven’t seen


People out there are playing with our leaders as a country and as far as we see it, it’s not that bad as people just love making memes or playing with their leaders.

Differences aside, Malema and Ramaphosa are lover by people and are always on the people’s throats every time as they are the political heavyweights.

Ramaphosa was made fun of even when he was delivering serious addresses to the people of South Africa and people still made fun of him so this is something people should never take personal.

This is Ndlozi in which in a funny way people who edit him call him the ice boy

This is Malema who was made as if he is smoking by those who edit, people say that he is part of the smoking ban sagga.

This is Ramaphosa who was edited by people and they even wrote something to make malema fans angry.

This are just funny pictures and nothing serious, some might have different opinions but some really love this

This one is even more funnier as its edited of this political heavyweights in taxi which is a good thing showing that the leaders are accountable and also know what happens to those who board in taxis

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